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Celine Kobierzynski 

Celine Kobierzynski is a Belgian artist from Wasseiges, in the Walloon countryside.

 Always passionate about art, it is in this way that she engaged as soon as possible in secondary school. Four years later, at the end of her studies in 2019, she kept a taste of too little in her mouth and moved on to other things. But the following years were complicated, full of setbacks and unforeseen, and art came back naturally in her life. 

First thanks to the digital drawing, rediscovered on the iPad, which allowed her to land on her feet and again find the pleasure of drawing. 

Then came lino engraving, and the pleasure of working with her hands, engraving, painting, printing,… Painting had always been an art form that she enjoyed but unfortunately never found the medium that suited her,  until the end of 2021, when she decided to try oil painting. 

She immediately adored this medium and since then has only worked with this one. But having not learned it in school, she must learn everything by herself and at the same time find the way she wishes to express herself. But books after books and paintings after paintings, she made her hand and found her way in art. 

As for the subject of her paintings, she has always painted figurative and more precisely portraits. She also paints animals and sometimes landscapes but portraits are her favorite subject.

In 2022, her paintings were exhibited in various places including Rome, in the Galeria d'arte Il Leone for the exhibition Chasing the unexpected, and Venice for the exhibition Anima Mundi.

Today, she focuses on her technique and on creation, infusing a little of herself into each work.

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